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Only our website will allow you to download and install the best mod packs by selecting a game, category and popularity. We offer you unique mods for free download, programmed by other players. This is a list of the best modding packages.

What is a mod?

Simply put, a mod is a mostly free add-on for a video game of your choice. One of the biggest features is that the development is done by hobby programmers. Usually the goal is to make the computer game even better by adding new game content. This way you can experience more while playing and increase your gaming fun. In general we recommend you to install new mods regularly, because you will never get bored.

However, the amount of content included varies because of different factors. For example the game engine, but of course also the motivation of the mod developer.

Finally, you should show great respect to every modder. Often they don’t make any money out of it and just want to make you happy. Besides, there is constant work involved, because often the whole work is worth nothing when the game company releases a new update.

Now you know what a mod is and nothing stands in your way of modding your favorite video game. By the way, you don’t need to be afraid that your game progress will be lost. If you still have doubts, save your game progress separately.

Are mods legal?

In most cases this question can be answered with yes. More and more often it happens that the game publisher himself provides patches and thus supports modding. In single player mode you should usually not have any problems, because you play offline alone.

It’s different online, because some mods give you such advantages that they are forbidden when you play with other players. If you are unsure if the installed software is allowed online, you better be careful. Sometimes PC games automatically detect if the code has been changed and ban your account. Such a drastic step only happens if you have actually gained illegal advantages over other players.

So in the end you can say that mods are usually legal and not dangerous, but you have to pay attention to a few details when using them.

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