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Biomes O Plenty mod is one of the most popular mods among Minecraft fans, but it is also incredibly complex. It’s almost as if you were loading another video game and not Minecraft. Accordingly, it is normal that it will take you a few seconds to load a world. Especially if you have a bad computer, you have to be patient, because it logically takes even longer with low-end hardware. The wait will end after all the files are loaded and after that there should be no lag.

Originally, the developer group Glitchfiend started this project only because they had previously helped with another mod, but wanted to do something new. The group includes Adubbz, Amnet, TDWP_FTW and ted80, all of whom have played their part in completing the project.

Biomes O Plenty features

Now you probably want to learn about the features of Biomes O Plenty. Simply put, it’s an extension for Minecraft that adds countless new biomes. This is the one for you if you’re looking for variety in Minecraft. Basically, it changes the terrain generation to add almost 100 new biomes to the game. If you compare that to the number in vanilla, the number will seem even higher. However, you will still notice a few similarities because the custom biomes are based on the normal ones. This is also intentional, so that the landscape still looks natural and not out of place.

All in all, boring walks through your Minecraft world will be a thing of the past. The Biomes O Plenty mod takes care of that. Furthermore, it will take you a while to explore the alpine areas, realistic floodplains with jungle temples and everything else. Each biome also has its own name.

Moreover, the enhanced biomes are not the only thing. There are also new blocks, trees, gems, armor and plants. Above all, the innovations in nature are enormous. On top of that, there are new ways to create items. For example, you can use volcano ash to make coal at the workbench. Moreover, there are special advancements that are added to the normal ones. This will take you even longer to play through Minecraft, if that is your goal. The best part is that everything is free and you can get Biomes O Plenty updates every month.

Popular items and biomes

There are over a hundred items in total and at the beginning you won’t know them all that well. Here is a list of the most important items. Unfortunately, since 2018, the Biome Finder no longer exists, because otherwise this item would be the clear number one. Meanwhile, these are the most popular:

  • Celestial Crystal
  • Tanzanite
  • Bug Net

It’s already harder to make a ranking for the biomes, because all of them are good in their own way. According to the community, these are the most popular:

  • Sacred Springs
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Coral Reef

How to download and install Biomes O Plenty

The installation should not take long for you. Roughly estimated, it will take about ten minutes until Biomes O Plenty is installed. You should definitely be willing to invest this time, because you can expect a lot of fun and it is definitely worth it. Unfortunately, the tutorial only works for the Minecraft Java Edition and not for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

1) Install Forge

Many mods won’t work without Forge and in this case you will also need this modloader. You should first consider which Minecraft version you want to play with. Here you have almost free choice, but it is best to choose the latest game version, because there are usually the fewest bugs. In the end, you just have to make sure that you download and install Biomes O Plenty and Forge for the exact same Minecraft version. Otherwise, the game will crash.

2) Download the mod

Continue with this step, as soon as you have installed the Forge client. The mod is, as mentioned above, available for free on Curseforge and is therefore also checked for viruses. Choose one of the secure download links further below and the download will start immediately. You won’t need much disk space, because the downloaded file is only a few megabytes.

3) Install Biomes O Plenty

Move the mod from your download folder to %appdata%/.minecraft/mods. This only applies to Windows users. You’ll need to access the mods folder in a different way if you’ re on Linux or Mac. The easiest way to do this is to search for the folder name in the search bar.

Afterwards, start Minecraft with the new Forge profile and you will quickly notice whether the installation guide worked or not. Either you will end up in the game or you will see a crash report in the launcher. Go through the install tutorial again if it not worked.

4) Activate the mod in Minecraft

Go to “other world settings” to activate Biomes O Plenty, when creating a new world. There you select this mod as the world type. The last thing you have to do is create the world and then everything is activated. Theoretically, you can additionally select the world generation mode to customize the terrain even more to your liking. From extra small to ultra realistic biomes, everything is possible.

Activating Biomes O Plenty in an existing world is much more complicated, but still doable. You have to edit the level.dat file and delete the old entry at “generationName” and enter “BIOMESOP”. As a result, all new chunks will be created with the Biomes O Plenty world generator. You will have to travel long distances if you have been playing in your world for some time. That’s why it’s better to choose option one and generate a new world. To uninstall and deactivate you have to delete everything again.

Frequently asked questions

What is Biomes O Plenty?

Biomes O Plenty is a mod for the Minecraft biomes. You can see the changes in the Nether, End and in the overworld. There is a varied environment in all dimensions.

How do I customize BOP?

You can customize the configuration of BOP under the file path %appdata%/.minecraft/config/biomesoplenty. Note, that this is only possible after the modpack has been run at least once. You can find more about this in the unofficial wiki.

How do I use Biomes O Plenty on servers?

You can use the mod in multiplayer mode, but the requirement is that the new biomes are installed on the server. Not only public servers can do this, because you can also set the “use-world-type” option to true in your server options under the file path “/config/biomesoplenty/server.toml”. As a customer of server hoster like Apex you can also ask the customer support if you have problems with the server installation.

Why does Biomes O Plenty not work?

Something doesn’t work because the installation was done incorrectly most of the time. Also, it may be that your hardware is too bad. Often it helps to restart your computer and install the mod again.

Is there a version for Fabric?

No and the development team also forbids anyone to make the mod compatible with Fabric.

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