Minecraft PE Addons

You can fundamentally change the look of the game with Minecraft PE addons. Everything can be customized with them, which is why you can theoretically create a completely new game. The only important thing is which device you use to play because some are too underpowered. According to tests, you shouldn't have any problems with addons on consoles and mobile devices, as long as they are reasonably good. Furthermore, every project you see on this page is compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition and MCPE. This gives you the opportunity to buy an add-on only once in the official Marketplace and play it on all devices. Of course, our articles focus mainly on free add-ons, because not everyone wants to pay money for add-ons. That's totally understandable since the normal Minecraft game already costs money. By the way, you can also develop an add-on yourself on your computer and publish it afterward. Unfortunately, you can't edit add-ons directly in the game, which makes the whole thing quite complicated for laymen. That's why we recommend you to enjoy the work of others and install Minecraft PE addons via our secure download links.